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git-secret-clean - Man Page

removes all the hidden files.


git secret clean [-v]


git-secret-clean - deletes all files in the current git-secret repo that end with .secret.

You can change the extension git-secret uses for encrypted files with the SECRETS_EXTENSION environment variable.

Note that it will delete any files ending in .secret, even if they are not tracked by git-secret.

Also note that this command does not delete unencrypted versions of files.

Verbose mode, enabled with the -v option, displays the filenames deleted.


-v  - verbose mode, shows which files are deleted.
-h  - shows this help.

You can also enable verbosity using the SECRETS_VERBOSE environment variable, as documented at git-secret(7) https://git-secret.io/


Run man git-secret-clean to see this document.

See Also

git-secret-whoknows(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-whoknows, git-secret-add(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-add, git-secret-remove(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-remove, git-secret-removeperson(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-removeperson

Referenced By

git-secret-remove(1), git-secret-removeperson(1).

April 2022 sobolevn git-secret 0.5.0-alpha2