git-secret-cat - Man Page

decrypts files passed on command line to stdout


git secret cat [-d dir] [-p password] filename [filenames]


git-secret-cat - Outputs to stdout the contents of the files named on the command line. As with git-secret-reveal, you´ll need to have a public/private keypair that is allowed to decrypt this repo.

Note also that this command can be affected by the SECRETS_PINENTRY environment variable. See (See git-secret(7) for information using SECRETS_PINENTRY.


-d  - specifies `--homedir` option for the `gpg`, basically use this option if you store your keys in a custom location.
-p  - specifies password for noinput mode, adds `--passphrase` option for `gpg`.
-h  - shows help.


Run man git-secret-cat to see this note.

See Also

git-secret-init(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-add(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-reveal(1)

Referenced By

git-secret-changes(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-list(1), git-secret-reveal(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-usage(1), git-secret-whoknows(1).

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