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git-secret-add - Man Page

starts to track added files.


git secret add [-v] [-i] <pathspec>...


git secret add - tells git secret which files hold secrets.

Adds filepath(s) into .gitsecret/paths/mapping.cfg. (It is not recommended to alter .gitsecret/paths/mapping.cfg manually.)

As of 0.2.6, this command also ensures the filepath is in .gitignore as the contents are now considered secret and should not be committed into the repository unencrypted.

The add action will fail unless there are already users in git-secret´s keyring.

(See git-secret(7) https://git-secret.io/git-secret for information about renaming the .gitsecret folder using the SECRETS_DIR environment variable.


-v  - verbose, shows extra information.
-i  - does nothing, adding paths to .gitignore is now the default behavior.
-h  - shows this help.


Run man git-secret-add to see this document.

See Also

git-secret-init(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-init, git-secret-tell(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-tell, git-secret-hide(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-hide, git-secret-reveal(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-reveal

Referenced By

git-secret-cat(1), git-secret-changes(1), git-secret-clean(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-list(1), git-secret-remove(1), git-secret-reveal(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-usage(1).

April 2022 sobolevn git-secret 0.5.0-alpha2