git-secret-add - Man Page

starts to track added files.


git secret add [-i] <pathspec>...


git-secret-add adds a filepath(s) into .gitsecret/paths/mapping.cfg and ensures the filepath is mentioned .gitignore.

When adding files to encrypt, git-secret-add (as of 0.2.6) will ensure that they are ignored by git by mentioning them in .gitignore, since they must be secure and not be committed into the remote repository unencrypted.

If there´s no users in the git-secret´s keyring, when adding a file, an exception will be raised.

Use the git secret add command to add filenames to this file. It is not recommended to add filenames directly into .gitsecret/paths/mapping.cfg.

(See git-secret(7) for information about renaming the .gitsecret folder using the SECRETS_DIR environment variable.


-i  - does nothing, adding paths to .gitignore is now the default behavior.
-h  - shows this help.


Run man git-secret-add to see this note.

See Also

git-secret-init(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-reveal(1)

Referenced By

git-secret-cat(1), git-secret-changes(1), git-secret-clean(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-list(1), git-secret-remove(1), git-secret-reveal(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-usage(1).

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