git-release man page

git-release ā€” Commit, tag and push changes to the repository


git-release <tagname> [-r <remote>] [-m <commit info>] [-c] [[--] <hook arguments...>]


Commits changes with message "Release <tagname>" or custom commit information, tags with the given <tagname> and pushes the branch / tags.

Optionally it generates a changelog (see git-changelog) and a remote can be defined. The order of first -c or -r does not matter.

If .git/hook/pre-release or .git/hook/post-release exist, they will be triggered with tagname and extra hook arguments before/after the release.



The name of the newly created tag. Also used in tag comment.

-r <remote>
The "remote" repository that is destination of a push operation: it is passed to git push.
-m <commit info>
use the custom commit information instead of the default message "Release <tagname>" .
Generates or populates the changelog with all commit message since the last tag. For more info see git-changelog..

[--] hook arguments...

The arguments listed after "--" separator will be passed to pre/post-release hook following the tagname.



Written by Tj Holowaychuk <> Extended by David Hartmann <>

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May 2017