git-rebase-theirs man page

git-rebase-theirs — Resolve rebase conflicts and failed cherry-picks by favoring 'theirs' version


git-rebase-theirs [options] [--] FILE...


Resolve git rebase conflicts in FILE(s) by favoring 'theirs' version.

When using git rebase, conflicts are usually wanted to be resolved by favoring the <working branch> version (the branch being rebased, 'theirs' side in a rebase), instead of the <upstream> version (the base branch, 'ours' side)

But git rebase --strategy -X theirs is only available from git 1.7.3 For older versions, git-rebase-theirs is the solution. And Despite the name, it's also useful for fixing failed cherry-picks.

It works by discarding all lines between '<<<<<<< ' and '========' inclusive, and also the the '>>>>>> commit' marker.

By default it outputs to stdout, but files can be edited in-place using --in-place, which, unlike sed, creates a backup by default.



show usage information.


print more details in stderr.


edit files in place, creating a backup with SUFFIX extension. Default if blank is ".bak"


disables backup

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