git-lfs-status - Man Page

Show the status of Git LFS files in the working tree


git lfs status [options]


Display paths of Git LFS objects that

have not been pushed to the Git LFS server. These are large files that would be uploaded by git push.

have differences between the index file and the current HEAD commit. These are large files that would be committed by git commit.

have differences between the working tree and the index file. These are files that could be staged using git add.

This command must be run in a non-bare repository.



Give the output in an easy-to-parse format for scripts.


Give the output in a stable json format for scripts.

See Also


Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

Referenced By

git-lfs(1), git-lfs-fsck(1), git-lfs-ls-files(1).

October 2021