git-lfs-pull - Man Page

Download all Git LFS files for current ref & checkout


git lfs pull [options] [remote]


Download Git LFS objects for the currently checked out ref, and update the working copy with the downloaded content if required.

This is equivalent to running the following 2 commands:

git lfs fetch [options] [remote] git lfs checkout


-I paths --include=paths

Specify lfs.fetchinclude just for this invocation; see [INCLUSION & EXCLUSION]

-X paths --exclude=paths

Specify lfs.fetchexclude just for this invocation; see [INCLUSION & EXCLUSION]

Inclusion & Exclusion

You can configure Git LFS to only fetch objects to satisfy references in certain paths of the repo, and/or to exclude certain paths of the repo, to reduce the time you spend downloading things you do not use.

In gitconfig, set lfs.fetchinclude and lfs.fetchexclude to comma-separated lists of paths to include/exclude in the fetch (wildcard matching as per gitignore). Only paths which are matched by fetchinclude and not matched by fetchexclude will have objects fetched for them.

Note that using the command-line options -I and -X override the respective configuration settings. Setting either option to an empty string clears the value.

Default Remote

Without arguments, pull downloads from the default remote. The default remote is the same as for git pull, i.e. based on the remote branch you´re tracking first, or origin otherwise.

See Also

git-lfs-fetch(1), git-lfs-checkout(1).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

Referenced By

git-lfs(1), git-lfs-checkout(1), git-lfs-clone(1), git-lfs-fetch(1).

October 2021