git-lfs-pre-push - Man Page

Git pre-push hook implementation


git lfs pre-push <remote> [remoteurl]


Responds to Git pre-hook events. It reads the range of commits from STDIN, in the following format:

<local-ref> SP <local-sha1> SP <remote-ref> SP <remote-sha1> \n

It also takes the remote name and URL as arguments.

If any of those Git objects are associated with Git LFS objects, those objects will be pushed to the Git LFS API.

In the case of pushing a new branch, the list of Git objects will be all of the Git objects in this branch.

In the case of deleting a branch, no attempts to push Git LFS objects will be made.


See Also

git-lfs-clean(1), git-lfs-push(1).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

Referenced By

git-lfs(1), git-lfs-install(1), git-lfs-push(1).