git-lfs-fsck - Man Page

Check GIT LFS files for consistency


git lfs fsck [options] [revisions]


Checks all GIT LFS files in the current HEAD for consistency.

Corrupted files are moved to ".git/lfs/bad".

The revisions may be specified as either a single committish, in which case only that commit is inspected; specified as a range of the form A..B (and only this form), in which case that range is inspected; or omitted entirely, in which case HEAD (and, for --objects, the index) is examined.

The default is to perform all checks.



Check that each object in HEAD matches its expected hash and that each object exists on disk.


Check that each pointer is canonical and that each file which should be stored as a Git LFS file is so stored.

See Also

git-lfs-ls-files(1), git-lfs-status(1).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

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October 2021