git-lfs-filter-process - Man Page

Git filter process that converts between pointer and actual content


git lfs filter-process git lfs filter-process --skip


Implement the Git process filter API, exchanging handshake messages and then accepting and responding to requests to either clean or smudge a file.

filter-process is always run by Git´s filter process, and is configured by the repository´s Git attributes.

The filter process uses Git´s pkt-line protocol to communicate, and is documented in detail in gitattributes(5).


Without any options, filter-process accepts and responds to requests normally.


Skip automatic downloading of objects on clone or pull.


Disables the smudging process. For more, see: git-lfs-config(5).

See Also

git-lfs-clean(1), git-lfs-install(1), git-lfs-smudge(1), gitattributes(5).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

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March 2021