git-lfs-clean - Man Page

Git clean filter that converts large files to pointers


git lfs clean path


Read the contents of a large file from standard input, and write a Git LFS pointer file for that file to standard output.

Clean is typically run by Git´s clean filter, configured by the repository´s Git attributes.

Clean is not part of the user-facing Git plumbing commands. To preview the pointer of a large file as it would be generated, see the git-lfs-pointer(1) command.

See Also

git-lfs-install(1), git-lfs-push(1), git-lfs-pointer(1), gitattributes(5).

Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

Referenced By

git-lfs(1), git-lfs-filter-process(1), git-lfs-pre-push(1).

March 2021