git-lab-review - Man Page

Conduct merge-request review


git-lab setup [-h]


Open the gitlab review ncurses tool. This tool provides a text user interface to browse and comment on open merge-requests. Navigation consists of, but is not limited to (see context help screens for screen specific navigation):

<-, ->, ^, v - Navigate columns/rows on a given screen

<ENTER> - Select an issue/comment/commit to view details

<c|C> - Comment/Reply to a commit/discussion

<f|F> - refresh screen, reloading from server

<q|Q> - Go up one screen

<r|R> - resolve discussion

<u|U> - unresolve discussion

<a|A> - Toggle approval status of an MR from the Top MR list screen

<h|H> - screen context help


-h, ā€‰--help

Show help message and exit


git-lab was written by Neil Horman <>.


The latest version of git-lab may be downloaded from


2020/03/12 git-lab 0.5 git-lab Manual