git-lab-listmr - Man Page

List merge-requests


git-lab listmr [-h] [-p] [-k KEYWORD] [-s {opened,closed,locked,merged}] [-a AUTHOR] [remote]


List merge-requests of the parent project of your fork.


-h,  --help

Show help message and exit


The remote to use (default: upstream tracking remote)

-p,  --parent

Use the remote's parent project, rather than the remote's project

-j,  --json

output results in json format, useful in conjunction with the filter subcommand. Format of the json output is a dictionary keyed by project id, with associated data being a list of mr iids matching the list filter (ex: {'1234567': [1, 2, 3]})

-k KEYWORD, --keyword KEYWORD, --search KEYWORD

Filter results based on search KEYWORDs provided.

-s {opened,closed,locked,merged}, --state {opened,closed,locked,merged}

State of the requests to list

-a AUTHOR, --author AUTHOR

List MRs opened by this user

-l LABEL[,LABEL...], --labels LABEL[,LABEL...]

List MR's containing the specified list of labels

See Also

git-lab-updatemr(1), git-lab-closemr(1)


git-lab was written by Neil Horman <>.


The latest version of git-lab may be downloaded from

Referenced By

git-lab-closemr(1), git-lab-updatemr(1).

2020/03/12 git-lab 0.5 git-lab Manual