git-ignore-io man page

git-ignore-io — Get sample gitignore file


git ignore-io [<Options>]


Get sample gitignore file from



-a, --append <types>...

Append new .gitignore content to .gitignore under the current directory

-r, --replace <types>...

Export new .gitignore to the current directory (The old one will be replaced)

-l, --list-in-table

Print available types in table format

-L, --list-alphabetically

Print available types in alphabetical order

-s, --search <word>

Search word in available types

-t, --show-update-time

Show the last modified time of ~/.gi_list (where the list of available types is stored)

-u, --update-list

Update ~/.gi_list


Show sample gitignore file for vim

$ git ignore-io vim

    # Created by

    ### Vim ###

Append sample gitignore for vim and python to .gitignore in current directory.

$ git ignore-io -a vim python

Show all available types

$ git ignore-io -l

    actionscript             ada                      agda                     android                  anjuta
    appceleratortitanium     appcode                  appengine                archives                 archlinuxpackages
    autotools                basercms                 bazel                    bluej                    bower
    bricxcc                  c                        c++                      cakephp                  carthage

Search ja in all available types

$ git ignore-io -s ja



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