git-http-fetch man page

git-http-fetch ā€” Download from a remote Git repository via HTTP


git http-fetch [-c] [-t] [-a] [-d] [-v] [-w filename] [--recover] [--stdin] <commit> <url>


Downloads a remote Git repository via HTTP.

NOTE: use of this command without -a is deprecated. The -a behaviour will become the default in a future release.



Either the hash or the filename under [URL]/refs/ to pull.


Get the commit objects.


Get trees associated with the commit objects.


Get all the objects.


Report what is downloaded.

-w <filename>

Writes the commit-id into the filename under $GIT_DIR/refs/<filename> on the local end after the transfer is complete.


Instead of a commit id on the command line (which is not expected in this case), git http-fetch expects lines on stdin in the format


Verify that everything reachable from target is fetched. Used after an earlier fetch is interrupted.


Part of the git(1) suite

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04/13/2018 Git 2.17.0 Git Manual