git-fork - Man Page

Fork a repo on github


git-fork [<github-repo-url>]


If a github repo url is given, fork the repo. Like clone but forks first.

  1. forks the repo on github
  2. clones the repo into the current dir
  3. adds the original repo as a remote called upstream

If a url is not given and the current dir is a github repo, fork the repo.

  1. forks the current repo
  2. rename the origin remote repo to upstream
  3. adds the forked repo as a remote called origin

Remotes will use ssh if you have it configured with GitHub, if not, https will be used.


Fork expect.js:

$ git fork

or just:

$ git fork LearnBoost/expect.js


$ ..<forks into your github profile and clones repo locally to expect.js dir>...

$ cd expect.js && git remote -v

  origin<user>/expect.js (fetch)
  origin<user>/expect.js (push)
  upstream (fetch)
  upstream (push)

If the current dir is a clone of expect.js, this has the same effect:

$ git fork


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