git-fame - Man Page

Pretty-print git repository collaborators sorted by contributions.


gitfame [--help | options] [<gitdir>...]


See <>.

Probably not necessary on UNIX systems:

git config --global alias.fame "!python -m gitfame"

For example, to print statistics regarding all source files in a C++/CUDA repository (*.c/h/t(pp), *.cu(h)), carefully handling whitespace and line copies:

git fame --incl '\.[cht][puh]{0,2}$' -twMC



Git directory [default: ./]. May be specified multiple times to aggregate across multiple repositories.

-h, --help

Print this help and exit.

-v, --version

Print module version and exit.


Branch or tag [default: HEAD] up to which to check.


[default: loc]|commits|files|hours|months.


Excluded files (default: None). In no-regex mode, may be a comma-separated list. Escape (\,) for a literal comma (may require \\, in shell).


Included files [default: .*]. See --excl for format.


Date from which to check. Can be absoulte (eg: 1970-01-31) or relative to now (eg: 3.weeks).


Include time cost in person-months (COCOMO) or person-hours (based on commit times). Methods: month(s)|cocomo|hour(s)|commit(s). May be multiple comma-separated values.

-n, --no-regex

Assume are comma-separated exact matches rather than regular expressions [default: False]. NB: if regex is enabled , is equivalent to |.

-s, --silent-progress

Suppress tqdm [default: False].


Don't silently skip files which appear to be binary data [default: False].

-e, --show-email

Show author email instead of name [default: False].

-t, --bytype

Show stats per file extension [default: False].

-w, --ignore-whitespace

Ignore whitespace when comparing the parent's version and the child's to find where the lines came from [default: False]. -M Detect intra-file line moves and copies [default: False]. -C Detect inter-file line moves and copies [default: False].


Table format [default: pipe]|md|markdown|yaml|yml|json|csv|tsv|tabulate. May require git-fame[<format>], e.g. pip install git-fame[yaml]. Any tabulate.tabulate_formats is also accepted.


Directory in which to install git-fame man pages.




Casper da Costa-Luis <>.


2016-2018 git-fame User Manuals