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git-dag - Man Page

The sleek and powerful Git history browser


git dag [options] [<revision-range>] [[--] [<path>...]]


git-dag is an advanced Git history visualizer that presents git log’s powerful features in an easy to use graphical interface.



Show only commits in the specified revision range. When no <revision-range> is specified, it defaults to HEAD (i.e. the whole history leading to the current commit).

origin..HEAD specifies all the commits reachable from the current commit (i.e.  HEAD), but not from origin.

For a complete list of ways to spell <revision-range>, see the Specifying Ranges section of gitrevisions(7) (man gitrevisions).


Prompt for a Git repository instead of using the current directory.

-r, --repo <path>

Open the git repository located at <path>. Defaults to the current directory.


Print the version number and exit.

-h, --help

Show usage and optional arguments.

Log Arguments

The Log text field allows you to pass arguments to git log. This can be used to filter the displayed history, for example entering main – Makefile will display only commits on the main branch that touch the Makefile.

The Log text field lets you interactively edit and replace the [<revision-range>] [[--] [<path>...]] arguments that were initially specified on the command-line.

Context-Menu Actions

The right-click menu can be used to perform various actions. All actions operate on the selected commit.

You can create branches and tags, cherry-pick commits, save patches, export tarballs, and grab files from older commits using the context menu.

Diff Commits

You can diff arbitrary commits.  Select a single commit in either the list view or the graph view and then right-click on a second commit.

A menu will appear allowing you to diff the two commits.


You can run commands using dedicated shortcuts. Select a single commit and then press Ctrl-Alt-c to copy sha1 or Ctrl-d to run diff tool.

You can read more about hotkeys from ‘keyboard shortcuts’ window or context menu.

Configuration Variables


Set the default date-time format for the ‘Date’ field. Setting a value for log.date is similar to using git log’s –date option.  Possible values are relative, local, default, iso, rfc, and short; see git-log(1) for details.


David Aguilar and contributors


Jul 01, 2024 4.8.0 Git Cola