git-cal - Man Page

A simple tool to view commits calendar (similar to github contributions calendar) on command line


“git-cal” is a tool to visualize the git commit history in github's contribution calendar style. The calendar shows how frequently the commits are made over the past year or some choosen period Activity can be displayed using ascii, ansi or unicode characters, default is choosen based on ENV


  git-cal --period=<1..12 , -1..-11>

  git-cal --author=<author> -- <filepath>

  git-cal --ascii

  git-cal --ansi

  git-cal --unicode



Display activity using ANSI colors


Display activity using ASCII characters instead of ANSI colors.


View commits of a particular author.


Do not show the entire year:


Display activity using unicode characters

n = 1 to 12

Shows only one month (1=Jan .. 12=Dec)

n = -1 to -11

Shows the last n months (and the current month)


Print this message.

Additional Options

  -- filename to view the logs of a particular file or directory


Karthik katooru <>

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