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git-annex-whereused - Man Page

find what files use or used a key


git annex whereused --key=keyname|--unused


Finds what files use or used a key.

For each file in the working tree that uses a key, this outputs one line, starting with the key, then a space, and then the name of the file. When multiple files use the same key, they will all be listed. When nothing is found that uses the key, there will be no output.

The default is to find only files in the current working tree that use a key. The --historical option makes it also find past versions of files.



Operate on this key.


Operate on keys found by last run of git-annex unused.

Usually these keys won't be used by any files in the current working tree, or any tags or branches. Combining this option with --historical will find past uses of the keys.


When no files in the current working tree use a key, this causes more work to be done, looking at past versions of the current branch, other branches, tags, and the reflog, to find somewhere that the key was used. It stops after finding one use of the key, and outputs a git rev that refers to where it was used, eg "HEAD@{40}:somefile"

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