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git-annex-satisfy - Man Page

transfer and drop content as configured


git annex satisfy [remote ...]


This transfers and drops content of annexed files to work toward satisfying the preferred content settings of the local repository and remotes.

It does the same thing as git-annex sync --content without the pulling and pushing of git repositories, and without changing the trees that are imported to or exported from special remotes.

Note that it (like git-annex-sync or git-annex-assist) does not work specifically towards satisfying the git-annex-numcopies setting, unless the preferred content setting of the local repository is written to do so by using eg approxlackingcopies=1.



By default this command operates on all remotes, except for remotes that have remote.<name>.annex-sync set to false.

By specifying the names of remotes (or remote groups), you can control which ones to operate on.

--content-of=path -C path

Operate on only files in the specified path. The default is to operate on all files in the working tree.

This option can be repeated multiple times with different paths.

Note that this option is ignored when syncing with "exporttree=yes" remotes.

--jobs=N -JN

Enables parallel processing with up to the specified number of jobs running at once. For example: -J10

Setting this to "cpus" will run one job per CPU core.

--all -A

Usually this command operates on annexed files in the current branch. This option makes it operate on all available versions of all annexed files (when preferred content settings allow).

Note that preferred content settings that use include= or exclude= will only match the version of files currently in the work tree, but not past versions of files.

Also the git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.

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Joey Hess <id@joeyh.name>

Referenced By

git-annex(1), git-annex-pull(1), git-annex-push(1), git-annex-sync(1).