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git-annex-merge - Man Page

merge changes from remotes


git annex merge [branch]


When run without any parameters, this performs the same merging (and merge conflict resolution) that is done by the git-annex pull and git-annex sync commands, but without uploading or downloading any data.

When a branch to merge is specified, this merges it, using the same merge conflict resolution as the git-annex pull command. This is especially useful on an adjusted branch, because it applies the same adjustment to the branch before merging it.

When annex.resolvemerge is set to false, merge conflict resolution will not be done.


--allow-unrelated-histories, ā€‰--no-allow-unrelated-histories

Passed on to git merge, to control whether or not to merge histories that do not share a common ancestor.


Enable JSON output. This is intended to be parsed by programs that use git-annex. Each line of output is a JSON object.


Messages that would normally be output to standard error are included in the JSON instead.

Also, the git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.

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Joey Hess <id@joeyh.name>

Referenced By

git-annex(1), git-annex-post-receive(1).