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git-annex-matchexpression - Man Page

checks if an expression matches


git annex matchexpression expression [data]


This plumbing-level command is given a preferred content expression, and some data, and checks if the expression matches the data. It exits 0 if it matches, and 1 if not. If not enough data was provided, it displays an error and exits with special code 42.

For example, this will exit 0:

git annex matchexpression "include=*.png and largerthan=1mb" --file=foo.png --size=10mb



Provide the filename to match against. Note that the file does not have to actually exist on disk.


Tell what the size of the file is. The size can be specified with any commonly used units, for example, "0.5 gb" or "100 KiloBytes".


Tell what key is being matched against. This is needed for matching expressions like "copies=N" and "metadata=tag=foo" and "present", which all need to look up the information on file for a key.

Many keys have a known size, and so --size is not needed when specifying such a key.


Parse the expression as an annex.largefiles expression, rather than a preferred content expression.


Tell what the mime type of the file is. Only needed when using --largefiles with a mimetype= expression.


Tell what the mime encoding of the file is. Only needed when using --largefiles with a mimeencoding= expression.


Display explanation of what parts of the preferred content expression match, and which parts don't match.

Also the git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.

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Joey Hess <id@joeyh.name>

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