git-annex-log man page

git-annex-log ā€” shows location log


git annex log [path ...]


Displays the location log for the specified file or files, showing each repository they were added to ("+") and removed from ("-").


--since=date, --after=date, --until=date, --before=date, --max-count=N

These options are passed through to git log, and can be used to limit how far back to search for location log changes.

For example: --since "1 month ago"


Rather than the normal display of a date in the local time zone, displays seconds since the unix epoch.


Generates output suitable for the gource visualization program.

file matching options

The git-annex-matching-options(1) can be used to specify files to act on.

--all -A

Shows location log changes to all files, with the most recent changes first. In this mode, the names of files are not available and keys are displayed instead.

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