git-annex-assist - Man Page

add files and sync changes with remotes


git annex assist [remote ...]


This command assists you in checking files into the repository and syncing with remotes. It's the simplest possible way to use git-annex at the command line, since only this one command needs to be run on a regular basis.

This command first adds any new files to the repository, and commits those as well as any modified files. Then it does the equivilant of running [[git-annex-pull](1) followed by git-annex-push(1).

This command operates on all files in the whole working tree, even when ran in a subdirectory. To limit it to operating on files in a subdirectory, use the --content-of option.

To block some files from being added to the repository, use .gitignore files.

By default, all files that are added are added to the annex, the same as when you run git annex add. If you configure annex.largefiles, files that it does not match will instead be added with git add.


--message=msg -m msg

Use this option to specify a commit message.

--content-of=path -C path

Only add, pull, and push files in the given path.

This option can be repeated multiple times with different paths.

Also all options supported by git-annex-pull(1) and

git-annex-push(1) can be used.

Also the git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.

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Joey Hess <>

Referenced By

git-annex(1), git-annex-assistant(1), git-annex-sync(1).