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gi-inspect-typelib - Man Page

Typelib inspection tool


gi-inspect-typelib [OPTIONā€¦] --print-shlibs NAMESPACE
gi-inspect-typelib [OPTIONā€¦] --print-typelibs NAMESPACE


gi-inspect-typelib displays information about GObject-Introspection binary typelib files.



Show the shared libraries that implement the NAMESPACE.


Show the other typelibs that the NAMESPACE depends on.


The version of each NAMESPACE to inspect. For example, the version of Gio-2.0.typelib is 2.0. If not specified, use the newest available version if there is more than one installed.


On Linux, the Gio-2.0 typelib is implemented by libgio-2.0.so.0:

$ gi-inspect-typelib --typelib-version 2.0 --print-shlibs Gio
shlib: libgio-2.0.so.0

and it depends on GObject-2.0, GLib-2.0 and GModule-2.0:

$ gi-inspect-typelib --typelib-version 2.0 --print-typelibs Gio
typelib: GObject-2.0
typelib: GLib-2.0
typelib: GModule-2.0