gh-repo-edit - Man Page

Edit repository settings


gh repo edit [<repository>] [flags]


Edit repository settings.

To toggle a setting off, use the --flag=false syntax.


--add-topic <strings>

Add repository topic


Allow forking of an organization repository

--default-branch <name>

Set the default branch name for the repository


Delete head branch when pull requests are merged

-d, ā€‰--description <string>

Description of the repository


Enable auto-merge functionality


Enable issues in the repository


Enable merging pull requests via merge commit


Enable projects in the repository


Enable merging pull requests via rebase


Enable merging pull requests via squashed commit


Enable wiki in the repository

-h, ā€‰--homepage <URL>

Repository home page URL

--remove-topic <strings>

Remove repository topic


Make the repository available as a template repository

--visibility <string>

Change the visibility of the repository to {public,private,internal}


# enable issues and wiki
gh repo edit --enable-issues --enable-wiki

# disable projects
gh repo edit --enable-projects=false

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