gh-config - Man Page

Manage configuration for gh

Examples (TL;DR)


gh config <command> [flags]


Display or change configuration settings for gh.

Current respected settings: - git_protocol: the protocol to use for git clone and push operations (default: "https") - editor: the text editor program to use for authoring text - prompt: toggle interactive prompting in the terminal (default: "enabled") - pager: the terminal pager program to send standard output to - http_unix_socket: the path to a Unix socket through which to make an HTTP connection - browser: the web browser to use for opening URLs

Available Commands


Print the value of a given configuration key


Print a list of configuration keys and values


Update configuration with a value for the given key

See Also


Referenced By

gh(1), gh-config-get(1), gh-config-list(1), gh-config-set(1).

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