gh-codespace-create - Man Page

Create a codespace


gh codespace create [flags]


-b,  --branch <string>

repository branch


do not prompt to accept additional permissions requested by the codespace

--devcontainer-path <string>

path to the devcontainer.json file to use when creating codespace

-d,  --display-name <string>

display name for the codespace

--idle-timeout <duration>

allowed inactivity before codespace is stopped, e.g. "10m", "1h"

-l,  --location <string>

location: {EastUs|SouthEastAsia|WestEurope|WestUs2} (determined automatically if not provided)

-m,  --machine <string>

hardware specifications for the VM

-R,  --repo <string>

repository name with owner: user/repo

--retention-period <duration>

allowed time after shutting down before the codespace is automatically deleted (maximum 30 days), e.g. "1h", "72h"

-s,  --status

show status of post-create command and dotfiles

-w,  --web

create codespace from browser, cannot be used with --display-name, --idle-timeout, or --retention-period

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