gh-auth-login - Man Page

Authenticate with a GitHub host


gh auth login [flags]


Authenticate with a GitHub host.

The default authentication mode is a web-based browser flow.

Alternatively, pass in a token on standard input by using --with-token. The minimum required scopes for the token are: "repo", "read:org".

The --scopes flag accepts a comma separated list of scopes you want your gh credentials to have. If absent, this command ensures that gh has access to a minimum set of scopes.


-h,  --hostname <string>

The hostname of the GitHub instance to authenticate with

-s,  --scopes <strings>

Additional authentication scopes for gh to have

-w,  --web

Open a browser to authenticate


Read token from standard input


# start interactive setup
$ gh auth login

# authenticate against by reading the token from a file
$ gh auth login --with-token < mytoken.txt

# authenticate with a specific GitHub Enterprise Server instance
$ gh auth login --hostname enterprise.internal

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