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gh-alias-set - Man Page

Create a shortcut for a gh command


gh alias set <alias> <expansion> [flags]


Define a word that will expand to a full gh command when invoked.

The expansion may specify additional arguments and flags. If the expansion includes positional placeholders such as $1, extra arguments that follow the alias will be inserted appropriately. Otherwise, extra arguments will be appended to the expanded command.

Use - as expansion argument to read the expansion string from standard input. This is useful to avoid quoting issues when defining expansions.

If the expansion starts with ! or if --shell was given, the expansion is a shell expression that will be evaluated through the sh interpreter when the alias is invoked. This allows for chaining multiple commands via piping and redirection.



Overwrite existing aliases of the same name

-s, ā€‰--shell

Declare an alias to be passed through a shell interpreter


# note: Command Prompt on Windows requires using double quotes for arguments
$ gh alias set pv 'pr view'
$ gh pv -w 123  #=> gh pr view -w 123

$ gh alias set bugs 'issue list --label=bugs'
$ gh bugs

$ gh alias set homework 'issue list --assignee @me'
$ gh homework

$ gh alias set 'issue mine' 'issue list --mention @me'
$ gh issue mine

$ gh alias set epicsBy 'issue list --author="$1" --label="epic"'
$ gh epicsBy vilmibm  #=> gh issue list --author="vilmibm" --label="epic"

$ gh alias set --shell igrep 'gh issue list --label="$1" | grep "$2"'
$ gh igrep epic foo  #=> gh issue list --label="epic" | grep "foo"

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