gfal-xattr man page

gfal-xattr — show or set attributes of a file


gfal-xattr [ OPTION ]... FILE [ ATTRIBUTE [= VALUE ]]


gfal-xattr Display attributes of a file or set them to a new value. This command comes in three forms, making it possible, for a specified file,  to list all attribute and corresponding values, display the value of a particular attribute or assign a new value to a particular attribute - see examples.


-h, --help

show help about the command.

-V, --version

output version information and exit.

-v, --verbose

verbose mode. Repeat up to 3 times for the most verbose mode.

-D, --definition

define properties for gfal2.

-C, --client-info

provide custom client-side information

-t, --timeout

global timeout for the execution of the command. Command is interrupted if time expires before it finishes.


file URI


optional argument, specifying a attribute to get or set. If no attribute is given, all attributes and corresponding values are displayed.


if a attribute is given, a new value can optionally be assigned to it.


Show all attributes and values of a file:

gfal-xattr srm://

Show the value of a particular attribute:

gfal-xattr srm:// user.status

Set a new value to an attribute:

gfal-xattr srm:// user.status=new_value

Typically, you can get the transport urls (turls) with the user.replicas attribute:

srm:// user.replicas



All configuration files in this directory affect the behavior of the underlying gfal2.


Duarte Meneses <>
Adrien Devresse <>
Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon <>

See Also

gfal-cat(1), gfal-copy(1), gfal-ls(1), gfal-mkdir(1), gfal-rename(1), gfal-rm(1), gfal-save(1), gfal-stat(1), gfal-sum(1)

Referenced By

gfal-copy(1), gfal-ls(1), gfal-mkdir(1), gfal-rename(1), gfal-rm(1), gfal-save(1), gfal-sum(1).

December 2014 v1.2.0