gfal-ls - Man Page

list directory contents or file information


gfal-ls [-h] [-V] [-v] [-D DEFINITION] [-C CLIENT-INFO] [-t TIMEOUT] [-a] [-l] [-d] [-H] file


gfal-ls List information about the file. Depending on the implementation, some information from the long listing, such as group and user ids, might not be available and will be displayed as 0. When listing several files or directories, if one returns an error, the execution is canceled.


-h,  --help

show help about the command

-V,  --version

output version information and exit.

-v,  --verbose

verbose mode. Repeat up to 3 times for the most verbose mode.

-D,  --definition

define properties for gfal2.

-C,  --client-info

provide custom client-side information

-t,  --timeout

global timeout for the execution of the command. Command is interrupted if time expires before it finishes.

-a,  --all

don't hide files with name starting in '.'.

-l,  --long

long listing format. Following columns are displayed for each entry: mode, number of links, group id, user id, last modification time, size and name.

-d,  --directory

list directory entries instead of its contents.

-H,  --human-readable

with -l, print sizes in human readable format (e.g., 1K 234M 2G).


time style. supports locale, iso, long-iso and full-iso (partially)


equivalent to --time-style=full-iso


enable or disable color output. supports always, never, auto.


Long listing of all files:

gfal-ls -laH srm://

List a directory instead of its contents:

gfal-ls -d file:///tmp



All configuration files in this directory affect the behavior of the underlying gfal2.


Duarte Meneses <>
Adrien Devresse <>
Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon <>

See Also

gfal-cat(1), gfal-chmod(1), gfal-copy(1), gfal-ls(1), gfal-mkdir(1), gfal-rename(1), gfal-rm(1), gfal-save(1), gfal-stat(1), gfal-sum(1), gfal-xattr(1)

Referenced By

gfal-cat(1), gfal-chmod(1), gfal-copy(1), gfal-mkdir(1), gfal-rename(1), gfal-rm(1), gfal-save(1), gfal-stat(1), gfal-sum(1), gfal-xattr(1).

May 2017 v1.5.0