getmail_mbox man page

getmail_mbox — read a message from stdin and deliver to a named mboxrd-format mbox file with fcntl-style locking.


getmail_mbox [OPTION] PATH


Deliver a mail message from standard input, to the mboxrd-format mbox file named PATH.  PATH must start with a dot or a slash and must not end with a slash. fcntl-type locking is used; if your system requires another type of locking (such as flock or dotlock ), use an MDA configured for that style of locking instead.

getmail_mbox uses the SENDER environment variable to construct a Return-Path: header field and the contents of the RECIPIENT environment variable to construct a Delivered-To: header field at the top of the message.  SENDER is also used in creating the mbox From_ line.

--verbose, -v

print a status message on success


Written by Charles Cazabon.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

See Also

The full documentation for getmail_mbox is maintained in HTML and plaintext formats.  See the included files for details.


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