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GETDAP4(1) User Manuals GETDAP4(1)

getdap4 - test driver for the libdap library DAP4 protocol

1mgetdap4 [dD vVikmzst] [-c 4m22mexpr24m 1m] [-m 4m22mnum24m 1m] 4m22murl24m 1m...0m

1mgetdap4 [-VvksM] 4m22mfile24m 1m...0m

1mgetdap4 22mA command line interface for DAP4, the follow-on to DAP2.
While getdap can be used to access DAP2 response objects and process
those responses with the libdap client-side software, getdap4 fills the
same role for DAP4.

In the first form of the command, dereference the URL and perform the
requested operations. This includes routing the returned information
through the DAP processing library (parsing the returned objects, et
c.). If neither of d or D are used with a URL, then the DAP library
routines are NOT used and the URLs contents are dumped to standard out-

In the second form of the command, assume the files are DAP4 Data
objects (stored in files or read from pipes) and process them as if -D
were given. In this case the information must contain valid MIME header
in order to be processed or -M should be used.

-i For each URL, get the server version.

-d For each URL, get the the DAP4 DMR response.

-D For each URL, get the the DAP4 Data response.

-v Verbose output.

-V Version of this client; see 'i' for server version.

-c expr
4mexpr24m is a constraint expression. Used with -D/X. You can use a
`?' for the CE also.

-k Keep temporary files created by libdap.

-m num Request the same URL 4mnum24m times

-z Ask the server to compress data.

-s Print Sequences using numbered rows.

-M Assume data read from a file has no MIME headers (the default is
to assume the headers are present).

The 4m.dodsrc24m file contains various parameters that affect the
runtime behavior for DAP clients. See 1mdodsrc22m(5) for further

Specifies an alternate file or directory for the 4m.dodsrc24m file.

Various self-explanatory messages may be issued on stderr.

The command name should have been chosen more carefully to reflect its

The dodsrc man page needs to be written.

James Gallagher <jgallagher at opendap.org>


Linux October 2013 GETDAP4(1)