getcert-stop-tracking man page



getcert stop-tracking [options]


Tells certmonger to stop monitoring or attempting to obtain or refresh a certificate.

Tracking Options


The certificate was tracked using the request with the specified nickname. If this option is not specified, some combination of -d and -n or -f can be used to specify which certificate should henceforth be forgotten.

Key and Certificate Storage Options

-d DIR

The certificate is the one stored in the specified NSS database.


The certificate is the one which has this nickname.  Only valid with -d.


If the NSS database has more than one token available, the certificate is stored in this token.  This argument only rarely needs to be specified. Only valid with -d.


The certificate is or was to be stored in this file.


The private key is or was to be stored in this file. Only valid with -f.

Other Options


Be verbose about errors.  Normally, the details of an error received from the daemon will be suppressed if the client can make a diagnostic suggestion.


Please file tickets for any that you find at

See Also

certmonger(8) getcert(1) getcert-add-ca(1) getcert-add-scep-ca(1) getcert-list-cas(1) getcert-list(1) getcert-modify-ca(1) getcert-refresh-ca(1) getcert-refresh(1) getcert-rekey(1) getcert-remove-ca(1) getcert-request(1) getcert-resubmit(1) getcert-start-tracking(1) getcert-status(1) certmonger-certmaster-submit(8) certmonger-dogtag-ipa-renew-agent-submit(8) certmonger-dogtag-submit(8) certmonger-ipa-submit(8) certmonger-local-submit(8) certmonger-scep-submit(8) certmonger_selinux(8)

Referenced By

certmaster-getcert(1), certmonger(8), certmonger-certmaster-submit(8), certmonger-dogtag-ipa-renew-agent-submit(8), certmonger-dogtag-submit(8), certmonger-ipa-submit(8), certmonger-local-submit(8), certmonger-scep-submit(8), getcert(1), getcert-add-ca(1), getcert-add-scep-ca(1), getcert-list(1), getcert-list-cas(1), getcert-modify-ca(1), getcert-refresh(1), getcert-refresh-ca(1), getcert-rekey(1), getcert-remove-ca(1), getcert-request(1), getcert-resubmit(1), getcert-start-tracking(1), getcert-status(1), ipa-getcert(1), local-getcert(1), selfsign-getcert(1).

3 November 2009 certmonger Manual