getcert-status - Man Page



getcert status [options]


Queries certmonger for a status of a particular certificate request and sets an exit status to reflect that status.

Selection Options

-d DIR, --dbdir=DIR

Check that status of a certificate in the named NSS database.  Must be specified with the -n option.

-n NAME, --nickname=NAME

Check that status of a certificate in with the specified nickname.  Must be specified with the -d option.

-f FILE, --certfile=FILE

Check that status of a certificate stored in the specified PEM file.

-i NAME, --id=NAME

Check that status of a certificate with the specified request nickname.

Exit Status


Certificate is issued and valid.


There was an error communicating with the certmonger(8) daemon, or there is no such certificate known to it.


Certificate signing request was rejected by the CA.


CA could not be reached, but attempts to communicate with it will be retried.


Configuration error.


Client is working on the request, or waiting for the server.


Please file tickets for any that you find at

See Also

certmonger(8) getcert(1) getcert-add-ca(1) getcert-add-scep-ca(1) getcert-list-cas(1) getcert-list(1) getcert-modify-ca(1) getcert-refresh-ca(1) getcert-refresh(1) getcert-rekey(1) getcert-remove-ca(1) getcert-request(1) getcert-resubmit(1) getcert-start-tracking(1) getcert-status(1) getcert-stop-tracking(1) certmonger-certmaster-submit(8) certmonger-dogtag-ipa-renew-agent-submit(8) certmonger-dogtag-submit(8) certmonger-ipa-submit(8) certmonger-local-submit(8) certmonger-scep-submit(8) certmonger_selinux(8)

Referenced By

certmonger(8), certmonger-dogtag-ipa-renew-agent-submit(8), certmonger-dogtag-submit(8), certmonger-ipa-submit(8), certmonger-local-submit(8), certmonger-scep-submit(8), getcert(1), getcert-add-ca(1), getcert-add-scep-ca(1), getcert-list(1), getcert-list-cas(1), getcert-modify-ca(1), getcert-refresh(1), getcert-refresh-ca(1), getcert-rekey(1), getcert-remove-ca(1), getcert-request(1), getcert-resubmit(1), getcert-start-tracking(1), getcert-stop-tracking(1), ipa-getcert(1), local-getcert(1), selfsign-getcert(1).

June 13, 2014 certmonger Manual