getcert-add-ca man page



getcert add-ca [options]


Adds a CA configuration to certmonger, which can subsequently be used to enroll certificates.



The nickname to give to this CA configuration.  This same value can later be passed in to getcert's request, resubmit, and start-tracking commands using the -c flag.


The helper command to run for communicating with the CA.  The helper will be used to pass signing requests to the CA, relay the CA's responses back to the certmonger service, and to read information about the CA.


Be verbose about errors.  Normally, the details of an error received from the daemon will be suppressed if the client can make a diagnostic suggestion.


Please file tickets for any that you find at

See Also

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Referenced By

certmaster-getcert(1), certmonger(8), certmonger-certmaster-submit(8), certmonger-dogtag-ipa-renew-agent-submit(8), certmonger-dogtag-submit(8), certmonger-ipa-submit(8), certmonger-local-submit(8), certmonger-scep-submit(8), getcert(1), getcert-add-scep-ca(1), getcert-list(1), getcert-list-cas(1), getcert-modify-ca(1), getcert-refresh(1), getcert-refresh-ca(1), getcert-rekey(1), getcert-remove-ca(1), getcert-request(1), getcert-resubmit(1), getcert-start-tracking(1), getcert-status(1), getcert-stop-tracking(1), ipa-getcert(1), local-getcert(1), selfsign-getcert(1).

24 February 2015 certmonger Manual