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get-fcc-list - Man Page

fetch the latest fcc.blacklist derived from FCC Complaints data


get-fcc-list [-h] [-V] [-a|-n|-r]


The get-fcc-list script uses wget to fetch the fcc.blacklist file from http://ncid-utils.ca/fcc.blacklist. The fcc.blacklist is a list of phone numbers taken from the Unwanted Calls - FCC Complaints open database.

You will want to call it as often as once a day from cron on Linux/Unix/Mac OS X.

Once downloaded, fcc.blacklist can be used with NCID in one of two ways:

1: hangup-fcc

The External Hangup Extension script hangup-fcc can read fcc.blacklist directly.

2: ncidd.blacklist

The contents of fcc.blacklist are reformatted by get-fcc-list and appended to ncidd.blacklist. Before being modified, a backup of the current ncidd.blacklist is saved to /var/backups/ncid.



Prints this help and exits.


Displays the version and exits.


Download fcc.blacklist and add to ncidd.blacklist. This is the default action.


Download fcc.blacklist but do not add to ncidd.blacklist. The downloaded file is ready to use with hangup-fcc.


Same as -n but is a special remove-only option to remove "FCC bad list" lines from ncidd.blacklist. Use this option once when you are transitioning from ncidd.blacklist to hangup-fcc.



release 1.7 or newer


fetches files using http


send signal to all running ncidd servers to reload alias, blacklist and whitelist

root crontab:

Runs get-fcc-list at specific times and days. The root crontab can be edited with sudo crontab -e to add something like the following examples which write a log file to /tmp:

Internal Hangup - append (-a) FCC Data to `ncidd.blacklist`

# run each day at 08:15
15 08 * * * /usr/share/ncid/sys/get-fcc-list -a > /tmp/get-fcc-list.log 2>&1

Hangup Extension - do not append (-n), use `fcc.blacklist` as-is

# run each day at 08:15
15 08 * * * /usr/share/ncid/sys/get-fcc-list -n > /tmp/get-fcc-list.log 2>&1



See Also

hangup-fcc(1), wget(1), ncidd(8), crontab(5)


Referenced By

hangup-fcc(1), ncid_tools(7).

2019-08-17 NCID