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gesolver - Man Page

eigensolver for generalized eigenvalue problems (Ritz values only)


gesolve matrix_a_filename matrix_b_filename evalues_filename [options]


This program inputs the matrix data from matrix_a_filename matrix_b_filename, and solves the  generalized eigenvalue problem A*x = l*B*x with the solver specified by options. It outputs the specified number of Ritz values, the number of which is  given by option -ss, to evalues_filename  in the extended Matrix Market format (see Appendix of Lis User Guide). Both the Matrix Market format and the Harwell-Boeing format are supported for the matrix filenames.


The following options are supported:

-e eigensolver

The following options are supported for eigensolver:

-e {gli|15}

Generalized Lanczos

-ss [1]

The size of the subspace

-e {gai|16}

Generalized Arnoldi

-ss [1]

The size of the subspace

Other Options for eigensolver:

-eprint [0]

The output of the residual history

-eprint {none|0}


-eprint {mem|1}

Save the residual history

-eprint {out|2}

Output it to the standard output

-eprint {all|3}

Save the residual history and output it to the standard output

-omp_num_threads [t]

The number of the threads (t represents the maximum number of the threads)

-estorage [0]

The matrix storage format

-estorage_block [2]

The block size of the BSR and BSC formats

-ef [0]

The precision of the eigensolver

-ef {double|0}

Double precision

-ef {quad|1}

Double-double (quadruple) precision

See Lis User Guide for full description.

Exit Status

The following exit values are returned:


The process is normally terminated


An error occurred

See Also

lis(3), lsolve(1), gesolve(1), hpcg_kernel(1), hpcg_spmvtest(1), spmvtest1(1), spmvtest2(1), spmvtest2b(1), spmvtest3(1), spmvtest3b(1), spmvtest4(1), spmvtest5(1)



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