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ges-launch-1.0 - Man Page

create and render multimedia timelines


ges-launch-1.0 [OPTION...]


ges-launch-1.0 creates a multimedia timeline and plays it back, or renders it to the specified format.

It can load a timeline from an existing project, or create one from the specified commands.

You can learn more about individual ges-launch-1.0 commands with "ges-launch-1.0 help command".

By default, ges-launch-1.0 is in "playback-mode".


For the full list of ges-launch-1.0 options see the command line help:

-h, ā€‰--help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show GStreamer Options


Show GES Options


Show project-related options


Show rendering options


Show playback options


Show informative options

See Also

For more detailed info and some examples of use, also check out the on-line documentation:


Antonio Ospite https://ao2.it


December 2016 GStreamer Editing Services API version 1.0