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GRASS GIS 8.3.2 Reference Manual

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS GIS, is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS is currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world, as well as by many governmental agencies and environmental consulting companies.

This reference manual details the use of modules distributed with Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS), an open source (GNU GPLed), image processing and geographic information system (GIS). Go back to help overview

General commands

g.accessControls access to the current mapset for other users on the system.
g.cairocompOverlays multiple X Pixmaps.
g.copyCreates copies of maps and other elements
g.dirsepsInternal GRASS utility for converting directory separator characters. GRASS Location from the web
g.extension.allRebuilds or removes all locally installed GRASS Addons extensions.
g.extensionMaintains GRASS Addons extensions in local GRASS installation.
g.filenamePrints GRASS data base file names.
g.findetcSearches for GRASS support files.
g.findfileSearches for GRASS data base files and sets variables for the shell.
g.gisenvOutputs and modifies the user’s current GRASS variable settings.
g.gui.animationTool for animating a series of raster and vector maps or a space time raster or vector dataset.
g.gui.datacatalogTool for browsing, modifying and managing GRASS maps.
g.gui.dbmgrLaunches graphical attribute table manager.
g.gui.gcpGeorectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points.
g.gui.gmodelerGraphical Modeler.
g.guiLaunches a GRASS graphical user interface (GUI) session.
g.gui.iclassTool for supervised classification of imagery data.
g.gui.image2targetGeorectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points for 3D correction.
g.gui.mapswipeInteractively compares two maps by swiping a visibility bar.
g.gui.photo2imageCorrects scanning distortions of a paper photo.
g.gui.psmapTool for creating hardcopy map outputs.
g.gui.rdigitInteractive editing and digitizing of raster maps.
g.gui.rlisetupConfiguration tool for modules.
g.gui.timelineAllows comparing temporal datasets by displaying their temporal extents in a plot.
g.gui.tplotPlots the values of temporal datasets.
g.gui.vdigitInteractive editing and digitization of vector maps.
g.listLists available GRASS data base files of the user-specified data type optionally using the search pattern.
g.manualDisplays the manual pages of GRASS modules.
g.mapsetChanges/reports current mapset.
g.mapsetsModifies/prints the user’s current mapset search path.
g.messagePrints a message, warning, progress info, or fatal error in the GRASS way.
g.mkfontcapGenerates the font configuration file by scanning various directories for fonts.
g.parserProvides automated parser, GUI, and help support for GRASS scipts.
g.pnmcompOverlays multiple PPM image files.
g.ppmtopngConverts between PPM/PGM and PNG image formats.
g.projPrints or modifies GRASS projection information files (in various co-ordinate system descriptions).
g.regionManages the boundary definitions for the geographic region.
g.removeRemoves data base element files from the user’s current mapset using the search pattern.
g.renameRenames data base element files in the user’s current mapset. in GRASS modules using keywords
g.tempfileCreates a temporary file and prints it’s file name.
g.versionDisplays GRASS GIS version info.

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