gendesc - Man Page

Generate a test case description file


gendesc [-h|--help] [-v|--version]

[-o|--output-filename filename]


Convert plain text test case descriptions into a format as understood by genhtml. inputfile needs to observe the following format:

For each test case:


one line containing the test case name beginning at the start of the line


one or more lines containing the test case description indented with at least one whitespace character (tab or space)

Example input file:

An example test case description.
Description continued


Supposedly the answer to most of your questions

Note: valid test names can consist of letters, decimal digits and the underscore character ('_').



Print a short help text, then exit.


Print version number, then exit.

-o filename
--output-filename filename

Write description data to filename.

By default, output is written to STDOUT.


Peter Oberparleiter <>

See Also

lcov(1), genhtml(1), geninfo(1), genpng(1), gcov(1)

Referenced By

genhtml(1), geninfo(1), genpng(1), lcov(1).

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