gen_profile_merge man page

gen_profile_merge — Merge multiple callgraphs into one Call Graph Usage:

gen_profile_merge [options]

gen_profile_merge takes one or more call graph (.gv) files, weights each of them, and merges the call graph files into a single file.

-h, --help
Provide the short usage message listing the supported options.
-w, --weight=<float>
Change the weight to <float> for all the input files following this option until another weight option is encountered. By default the weight value is 1.0.
-f, --file=<input_file>
Specify a file to merge with outher. Each files requires a -f option.
-o, --output=<output_file>
Specify the file to write the output to. An ouptut file must be secified.
-d, --debug
Write additional information information to stderr for debugging. This option is for developers and maintainers of the Sediment package and is not for normal users.


gen_profile_merge -o merged.gv -w 0.75 -f major_exp.gv -w 0.25 -f minor_exp.gv


William Cohen


February 09, 2016 0.8 sediment