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geeqie - Man Page

GTK based multiformat image viewer


geeqie [options] [path]


Geeqie is an interactive GTK based image viewer that supports multiple image formats, zooming, panning, thumbnails and sorting images into collections.

Generated for version:

Geeqie 2.4

Valid options


start with blank file list

--cache-maintenance <path>

run cache maintenance in non-GUI mode


disable use of Clutter library (i.e. GPU accel.)

-f,  --fullscreen

start in full screen mode


set main window location

-h,  --help

show this message

-l, --list [files] [collections] open collection window for command line

-n,  --new-instance

open a new instance of Geeqie *

-o:, --log-file:<file>

save log data to file

-r,  --remote

send following commands to open window

-rh,  --remote-help

print remote command list

-s,  --slideshow

start in slideshow mode

+t,  --with-tools

force show of tools

-t,  --without-tools

force hide of tools

-v,  --version

print version info

+w,  --show-log-window

show log window


turn on debug output

-g:, --grep:<regexp>

filter debug output

* Normally a single set of configuration files is used for all instances. However, the environment variables XDG_CONFIG_HOME, XDG_CACHE_HOME, XDG_DATA_HOME can be used to modify this behavior on an individual basis e.g.

XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/a XDG_CACHE_HOME=/tmp/b geeqie

Remote command list


execute keyboard action (See Help/Reference/Remote Keyboard Actions)


list available keyboard actions (some are redundant)

-b   --back

previous image


close window

--config-load:<FILE>|layout ID

load configuration from FILE

-cm  --cache-metadata

clean the metadata cache

-cr: --cache-render:<folder>

render thumbnails

-crr: --cache-render-recurse:<folder>

render thumbnails recursively

-crs: --cache-render-shared:<folder>

render thumbnails (see Help)

-crsr: --cache-render-shared-recurse:<folder>

render thumbnails recursively (see Help)

-cs: --cache-shared:clear|clean

clear or clean shared thumbnail cache

-ct: --cache-thumbs:clear|clean

clear or clean thumbnail cache

-d   --delay=<[H:][M:][N][.M]>

set slide show delay to Hrs Mins N.M seconds


first image

-f   --fullscreen

toggle full screen


open FILE or URL, bring Geeqie window to the top


open FILE or URL, do not bring Geeqie window to the top

-fs  --fullscreen-start

start full screen

-fS  --fullscreen-stop

stop full screen


set window geometry


get collection content


get collection list


get destination path of FILE (See Plugins Configuration)


get file info


get list of files and class


get list of files and class recursive


get rectangle co-ordinates


get render intent


get list of selected files


get list of sidecars of FILE


get window list


window id for following commands


last image


add FILE to command line collection list


clear command line collection list

--lua:<FILE>,<lua script>

run lua script on FILE


new window

-n   --next

next image


print pixel info of mouse pointer on current image


terminate returned data with null character instead of newline


use PWD as working directory for following commands

-q   --quit



bring the Geeqie window to the top


adds the current file (or the specified file) to the current selection


clears the current selection


removes the current file (or the specified file) from the current selection

-s   --slideshow

toggle slide show


start recursive slide show in FOLDER

-ss  --slideshow-start

start slide show

-sS  --slideshow-stop

stop slide show


print filename [and Collection] of current image

+t   --tools-show

show tools

-t   --tools-hide

hide tools


open FILE in new window

All other command line parameters are used as plain files if they exist.

The name of a collection, with or without either path or extension (.gqv) may be used.


Please send bug reports and feedback to https://github.com/BestImageViewer/geeqie/issues

See Also

Full documentation: https://www.geeqie.org/help/GuideIndex.html


March 2024 Geeqie 2.4 GTK3