gdcmxml - Man Page

provides a tool to convert a DICOM file into a XML infoset and vice-versa.


gdcmxml [options] file-in[DICOM or XML] file-out[XML or DICOM]


The gdcmxml command line program converts a DICOM file (DataSet) into an XML file (according to the Native DICOM Model) or vice-versa. For those familiar with DCMTK, this provides binary capabilities (i.e. functionality of both dcm2xml and xml2dcm).

The XML infoset which is from the DICOM file gdcmXMLPrintet Class. This is in strict compliance with the Native DICOM Model as given in Supp 118.


file-in   DICOM or XML input filename ( cannot be absent)

file-out  output filename (can be absent)


  -i --input      DICOM filename
  -o --output     DICOM filename

Options for Dicom to XML

  -B --loadBulkData   Loads bulk data into a binary file named "UUID" (by default UUID are written).

Options for XML to Dicom

  -B --loadBulkData   Loads bulk data from a binary file named as the "UUID" in XML file (by default UUID are written).
  -T --TransferSyntax Loads transfer syntax from file (default is LittleEndianImplicit)

General Options

  -h   --help
         print this help text and exit

  -v   --version
         print version information and exit

  -V   --verbose
         verbose mode (warning+error).

  -W   --warning
         warning mode, print warning information

  -E   --error
         error mode, print error information

  -D   --debug
         debug mode, print debug information

See Also

gdcmdump(1), gdcmconv(1)


Mathieu Malaterre

Main developer


02/26/2024 GDCM 3.0.23 DICOM Manipulation.