gdcmdiff man page

gdcmdiff — dumps differences of two DICOM files


gdcmdiff [options] file1 file2


The gdcmdiff command line program takes as input two DICOM files: file1 and file2.


file1   DICOM input filename

file2   DICOM output filename


specific options

-m      --meta          Compare metainformation. Default is off.
-t <n>  --truncate <n>  String values trimmed to n characters.

general options

-h   --help
       print this help text and exit

-v   --version
       print version information and exit

-V   --verbose
       verbose mode (warning+error).

-W   --warning
       warning mode, print warning information

-E   --error
       error mode, print error information

-D   --debug
       debug mode, print debug information

Simple Usage

gdcmdiff is a great tool to produce a diff in between two DICOM files. Usage is simply:

$ gdcmdiff input1.dcm input2.dcm

See Also

gdcmdump(1), gdcminfo(1)


Mathieu Malaterre

Main developer

Referenced By

gdcmanon(1), gdcmconv(1).

12/19/2016 GDCM VER_FULL DICOM Manipulation.