gdcm2pnm man page

gdcm2pnm — off-screen rendering of DICOM images


gdcm2pnm [options] file-in bitmap-out


The gdcm2pnm command line program takes as input a DICOM file and produces a rendered bitmap file.


file-in   DICOM input filename

bitmap-out  Bitmap output filename


specific options

general options

-h   --help
       print this help text and exit

-v   --version
       print version information and exit

-V   --verbose
       verbose mode (warning+error).

-W   --warning
       warning mode, print warning information

-E   --error
       error mode, print error information

-D   --debug
       debug mode, print debug information

Simple Usage

gdcm2pnm will take as input DICOM and render it into a bitmap file using the window/level attributes value.

$ gdcm2pnm input.dcm output.png

It is much different from the gdcmraw or gdcmimg command line tool as it will render a DICOM image. This means that the output will be rendered in 8bits ready for display.

See Also

gdcm2vtk(1), gdcmimg(1)


Mathieu Malaterre

Main developer


12/19/2016 GDCM VER_FULL DICOM Manipulation.