gdalmdiminfo - Man Page

Reports structure and content of a multidimensional dataset


gdalmdiminfo [--help-general] [-oo NAME=VALUE]* [-arrayoption NAME=VALUE]*
             [-detailed] [-nopretty] [-array {array_name}] [-limit {number}]
             [-stats] <datasetname>


gdalmdiminfo program lists various information about a GDAL supported multidimensional raster dataset as JSON output. It follows the following JSON schema

The following command line parameters can appear in any order


Most verbose output. Report attribute data types and array values.


Outputs on a single line without any indentation.

-array {array_name}

Name of the array used to restrict the output to the specified array.

-limit {number}

Number of values in each dimension that is used to limit the display of array values. By default, unlimited. Only taken into account if used with -detailed.


Dataset open option (format specific). This option may be used several times.

-arrayoption <NAME=VALUE>

Option passed to GDALGroup::GetMDArrayNames() to filter reported arrays. Such option is format specific. Consult driver documentation. This option may be used several times.


Read and display image statistics. Force computation if no statistics are stored in an image.

New in version 3.2.


This utility is also callable from C with GDALMultiDimInfo().



Even Rouault <>


Jul 10, 2021 GDAL