gd2i - Man Page

Gendarme Defect To Ignore List


gd2i defects.xml list.ignore [--extra-check] [--syntax-check] [--quiet] [--version] [--help]


gd2i is small tool to help you create, or update, an ignore-list  baseline from an XML list of defects (generated by Gendarme).



The, XML formatted, list of defects produced by Gendarme on your project.


The, text, file listing ignored defects entries for your project. If the  file does not already exists (i.e. an update) then it will be created. See gendarme(5) for the format of this file.


Report ignore entries, from an existing 'list.ignore' file, that does  not match any defect, from the 'defects.xml' file.


Report syntax error found when processing an existing 'list.ignore' file.


Used to disable progress and other information which is normally written to stdout.


Display the tool's version number. This will match the Mono version number that this copy of Gendarme was released with.


Show help about the command-line options.

Exit Status


The tool returns 0 when no error has occurred.


The tool returns 1 if some command-line parameter were not valid.


The tool execution was interrupted by a non-handled exception. This is likely a bug inside the tool and should be reported on Novell's bugzilla ( or on the mailing-list.

Mailing Lists

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Referenced By

gendarme(1), gendarme(5).